Custom One of a Kind Marine Corps Flag

US Marine Flag.jpeg

I recently finished this custom, one of a kind wooden Marine Corps flag. Based on the American Flag with the stars and stripes as well as the red, white and blue. The plaque makes this flag pop with a 3D effect! The flag sold within 5 minutes of posting it for sale. I won’t make another one like this. I like that it is a one of a kind piece.

How I made it:

I found the Marine Corps plaque at Hobby Lobby. It was the only one that they had in the store. When I saw it, I knew I was going to build it into a flag! Wow! What a statement this piece makes! I used my Milescraft circle cutting jig to cut the inset circle into the union with my Ridgid trim router with a 1/2” straight bit.. Then inset the Marine plaque into the circle I cut. I applied the stars with a stencil that I made using my Cricut Explore Air 2 with Cricut stencil vinyl. Of course if you use the stencil vinyl you’ll need to pick up some transfer vinyl to transfer the stencil onto the material. But using the Cricut to make custom stencils is far superior than trying to buy a plastic stencil and paint it because the paint always bleeds with those plastic stencils. What makes using the Cricut for stenciling so great is the that it makes such crisp lines and very little bleeding if any at all. The lines stay crisp because the stencil actually sticks to the material. You paint then peel the stencil away, leaving nice lines. There is some minor clean up from time to time, especially if the wood has a lot of grains. I stained the stripes with a red stain and the Union with blue stain. The stars and white stripes are painted white. I have found that white stain doesn’t stand out as good as using paint. Scroll to the bottom of this post for the video of how I make similar flags. I did not video this particular flag, but the process is the same except for the circle I cut in this one for the plaque and I now use Cricut for stenciling.

The flag measures 36” wide by 20” tall.

Check out the pictures, let me know what you think about the build in the comments below!

custom US Flag.jpeg
Wooden Marine Flag.jpeg
Wooden USA Flag.jpeg
US Marine Flag Emblem.jpeg
us flag out of wood.jpeg
United Staes Marine Corps Flag out of wood.jpeg
Stars and Stripes flag.jpeg
Semper Fi Flag.jpeg
Marine Emblem Flag.jpeg
how to build a wood flag.jpeg
DIY Marine Flag.jpeg
building a wood flag.jpeg
Back of wood flag.jpeg