Top 5 Woodworking Tools Under $25

Top 5 woodworking tools under $25. Woodworking tools under $25 that are must haves for every woodworker. These are my picks for woodworking tools every woodworker needs. Woodworking on a budget can be accomplished in various ways. These must have woodworking tools are simple but very much needed for most every job. Woodworking tools can be expensive. The amount of tools a woodworker needs never seems to end. However, not all tools have to break the bank. Buying tools a little at a time can help offset the cost. Below is a list of tools I recommend for any woodworker (Amazon affiliate links included). For a list of several tools and supplies I use, check them out on my website

Clamps. Every woodworker needs clamps of various styles and sizes. Some of these clamps I own and use regularly. They work well and are a good value in my opinion. These 36” Bessey clamps are under $15 at the time of this posting. Or you can get 24” Bessel clamps for under $15 each Yost also makes a highly rated clamp at various sizes under $25

Squares. If you are woodworking you must have squares for almost every project you work on. I highly recommend getting a Swanson Speed Square. and a good combination square from Irwin: Empire: or Swanson: You can do a ton with just those 2 types of squares. A framing square is good for bigger projects as well.

Tape Measure. Who can work without a tape measure? Tape measures are inexpensive but very necessary for almost all projects. I love Stanley’s tape measures. I use them daily. Especially the 16 feet tape measure because it is lightweight, plenty long enough for my shop projects and is very durable. Of course you can go with longer or shorter tapes depending on your needs. Another great tape is the FastCap flatback tape. But no matter if you loyalty lies with DeWalt or Milwaukee or any number of brands, tape measures are a must.

Wood Glue. Who doesn’t use wood glue when woodworking? I prefer Titebond II but have used Titebond III and Gorilla Wood glue as well I think all 3 of those are good glues. There are several brands of wood glue available on Amazon

Safety Glasses. Please protect your eyes! Wood chips, splinters, dust, nails, and other hazards can permanently damage your eyes. Safety glasses are CHEAP! Some as low as $1 to $2 per pair. DeWalt makes some very stylish safety glasses Carhartt makes some nice looking safety glasses as well And there are a ton of safety glasses you can choose from on Amazon from single pairs to buying in bulk Tools on Amazon under $25

What tools do you recommend that are under $25? Please comment below.