Modern TV Stand (DIY)

modern tv stand.jpeg

Modern TV Stand. Video posted below of this build. This DIY TV Stand is so easy to make with simple tools and methods. I used common 2x8 lumber to build this awesome flat screen TV stand. This can also be used as a modern coffee table with hairpin legs. This is an easy build that is perfect for a beginner woodworker project to get started on. Making this tv stand with hairpin legs is easy to do but looks awesome! Check out the video and let me show you how I built this modern TV stand with hairpin legs. Basically you are building a rectangle and adding hairpin legs to the design to give it that mid century modern look that is so popular right now. This is such a simple modern design.

tv stand with hairpin legs.jpeg

Hairpin Legs:

3/8" Wood Dowels:

Flush Cut Saw:

Arm-R-Seal Clear Coat:

Pre-Stain Conditioner:

Ebony Wood Stain:

Bench Cookie:

Bench Cookie Paint Cones:

Wood Glue:

120 grit sand paper:

hairpin legs coffee table.jpeg

Other Tools and supplies we recommend and use:

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coffee table with hairpin legs.jpeg
tv stand with hairpin legs diy.jpeg

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DIY modern TV stand with hairpin legs.jpeg