How to paint kitchen cabinets (DIY Kitchen Makeover)

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How to paint kitchen cabinets.  DIY cabinet makeover takes a lot of work to do it right. However, it is not as hard as you may think.  In this video we show you what kind of paint to use to paint your cabinets.  We show you how we painted kitchen cabinets.  In this how to update kitchen cabinets video, we show you the ups and downs of the process. Painting cabinets takes several days to all the paint to cure properly.  Be sure to prep the surface properly!!!!  That means sanding the old finish away.  If you want to know how to paint oak cabinets, the first step is proper prep of the surface!   To do DIY cabinet refinishing, we suggest 120 grit sandpaper, and a lot of it! We used Benjamin Moore Advance.  For us, it came down to Rustoleum vs Benjamin Moore for painting cabinets.  In the end we thought that Benjamin Moore Advance was the best paint for cabinets because it levels out so nice. We sprayed the Benjamin Moore on the doors and drawer faces and rolled it on the face frames.  Refinishing kitchen cabinets takes time.  It took us almost 7 days to complete the project.  We spent less than $250 on this cabinet makeover.  So this was a cheap kitchen cabinet makeover versus trying to buy new cabinets. We think this is a great low cost kitchen makeover that anyone can do.  We purchased this paint/primer with our own money.  Benjamin Moore is not a sponsor or affiliated with us.  Affiliate links used below:

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