DIY Rolling Tool Cart / Rolling Planer Stand

tool cart.jpg

How to make a rolling tool cart.  I am using this as a rolling planer stand.  Building a tool cart doesn't have to be hard or complicated if you want something simple and cheap.  This really is a cheap tool cart, coming in at around $45 for materials.  This is a simple DIY tool cart that anyone can build.  I used pocket hole construction to put this tool cart together. This is a great way to make tool storage for your shop.   This is an easy tool cart to build.  Obviously there are fancier carts than this.  However, if you want an inexpensive tool cart, this is the way to go.  I used 7/16" OSB as my decking and 2x4's for the structure.  You can use plywood if you wanted a cleaner look.  Check the links below for the supplies and tools used in this build.  This rolling tool cart is easy to move around the shop and will keep tools stored off the floor.  Being able to easily store my planer on this cart will be so convienent.  This planer cart will hold the 735x planer without any issues.  If you want to build a DW735X planer cart like this, let me know in the comments below.  You can use this as a drill press cart, band saw cart, or any number of tools.  Affiliate links below.

planer stand.jpg
tool cart plans.png