DIY Farmhouse Coffee Table

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Tools and supplies I recommend:

In this video I show you how to build a coffee table.  I build my farmhouse coffee table with simple materials and techniques that you can do too.  Always follow all safety procedures.  

DIY farmhouse coffee table. In this tutorial video I show you how to build a coffee table for your home. This DIY coffee table is not only beautiful but very functional too.  It is built from 2x8’s, 2x4’s, and 1x6’s. This coffee table is easy to build.  It doesn’t take a lot of material to build. I use pocket hole joinery for all of the joints. The table top measures 45 inches square. The table is 18 inches tall.  

DIY farmhouse coffee table.jpg

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General Finishes

Diablo Sandnet Sandpaper

RZ Mask

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farmhouse coffee table.jpg

Cut List:
Table top:
8 - 2x8's ripped down to 5 5/8" wide x 45" Long
Bottom Shelves:
6 - 1x6 boards cut to 38" (cut to fit after frame is built).
4 legs at 16 1/2" long
3 - 2x4 at 34" long
2 - 2x4 at 38" long
2 - 2x2 at 34" long
4 - 2x2 at 38" long
I cut my 2x2 out of 2x4's but you can buy 2x2 at the lumber store if you can't rip your lumber. You can also use 9 2x6's if you can't rip your 2x8's.