DeWalt DW735x Unboxing and Initial Impressions

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DeWALT DW735x Planer Unboxing and Review.  The DW735x is 15 Amp 13 in. Heavy-Duty 2-Speed Thickness Planer with Knives and Tables.  This DW735x review is from the perspective of never having used a planer.  DW735 version comes without extension tables or spare blades. DW735x hands-on and discussion while I unbox the planer.  My initial impression is that the DEWALT 15-Amp 3-Blade Planer is that it is well built.  It feels like a solid build planer.  It is heavy, coming in at approximately 92 pounds. I experienced DeWalt Planer snipe on the first board I ran through it but things will likely need to be adjusted to fix planer snipe.  This planer review is just my initial impressions of the tool.  A full DW735x planer review will be coming soon.  I think this is the best planer of 2018.  The 735x planer comes in at around $600 if you're in the market.  The DW735x is marketed for the semi-professional woodworker.  The DeWalt DW734 is marketed more toward the hobbyist woodworker, however, it is still a great planer. The DW734 comes in around $400.  Check the Amazon affiliate links below.  I got this DeWalt DW735x at Lowes.  The DW735x will need dust collection because it produces a ton of wood chips.

Buy it from HomeDepot

DeWalt DW735x on Amazon

DeWalt DW734 on Amazon

An alternative, less expensive planer - WEN 13"

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