How do I get started woodworking?

Tools and supplies I recommend:

If you want to get started woodworking, just start. It really is that simple.  Even if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, you can learn. Watch YouTube videos on projects you’re interested in. Be sure to practice safety first! We all learn skills as we go. At some point you didn’t know how to walk or talk, but you learned. You had to learn how to do your current job.  We are always learning.  

What tools do you need? That depends on what you’re building. Most of us start out small with very few tools. I started out with a very old/used circular saw, an old worn out table saw, 2 old corded drills and a Swanson speed square. What did I build with those 4 tools? I followed Jay Bates’ plans and built 2 chairs and a side table using only 2x4’s. 



My very first build - Chair and table  

I have learn something new from every build I’ve done. I built the chairs with the intention of selling them to fund another build. I have continued to do that with every build. I didn’t start out with a super complicated project that exceeded my skills. I followed the plans and built what I could with what I had. You can do the same thing. Look on Craigslist or Facebook marketplace for used tools to get started if your're on a budget.  With a circular saw, hammer and some nails you can build decorative boxes like the one pictured below.  



Will it be perfect the first time? Probably not and that’s okay. Just keep trying. You can do it if you want too. Go ahead, create something awesome today and share it with us on Instagram, Facebook or send us an email!  Good luck!  Happy woodworking!