Stanley FatMax XL Organizer Tool Box Review

I purchased this Stanley FatMax XL Organizer toolbox at Lowe’s.This is a great product to help with workshop organization.This workshop organizer is large enough to hold a lot of items and still be tucked away when not in use.I've always liked Stanley Tools because they provide a good quality tool at affordable prices.I bought this box with my own money. This is a solid box.It’s all plastic construction with removable plastic containers to keep your items organized. I’m using this one to organize my screws but they can be used for tons of stuff.This Stanley FatMax Organizer is well built and can handle a lot of items.I was actually impressed by the build quality of this organizer.If you would like one of these, check out the links below (Amazon Affililate Links):

Stanley FatMax Organizing Products:  Deep box:

Shallow box