DIY Farmhouse Furniture - Farmhouse Bench

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DIY Farmhouse furniture (farmhouse bench).  This video shows you how to build a farmhouse bench to match the farmhouse table we built in the last video.  If you didn't see the table build, I will link to it below.  Building a farmhouse bench isn't hard.  A beautiful farmhouse style bench can be built with 2x4, 4x4 and 2x8's.  Farmhouse decor is trending right now and building farmhouse furniture can be rewarding.  In this how to build a farmhouse bench video, I show you step by step how to make your own farmhouse bench.  Using the farmhouse paint scheme of a stained top and painted base really accents the furniture.  This farmhouse bench diy video can be your guide to building a statement piece in your home.  The farmhouse bench seat is made from pine 2x8's.  Stained a dark walnut and clear coated that gives you that farmhouse furniture look. This video gives you the farmhouse bench plans you need to build your own.  I came up with this farmhouse bench design and wanted to share it with you. I hope that you can use this to help your farmhouse decorating and farmhouse decor DIY.  Farmhouse decor 2018 is a nice trend to get in on. The farmhouse furniture looks amazing and if you are trying to do farmhouse decor on a budget, building it yourself can save a lot of money. I know I have built a ton of this furniture for my home.  So much so that it looks like a farmhouse decor tour in my house.  Building modern farmhouse furniture is fun and rewarding.  Give it a try!  I hope you enjoy!  Affiliate links below:

Tools and supplies I use and recommend:

Almost a must have for this build is the Kreg R3:

Don't forget the 4 inch screws!

Titebond Wood Glue:

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Link to the Farmhouse dining table build video:

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